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Sergio Saez


Born in Bilbao the 11th September 1954, in a photographers family. Studied Photography and Art. Worked for 25 years in fashion world for designers. Since 2003 focused only on art exhibitions.

Past exhibitions (One man show)

  • March 2017 Sala Es Cucons, Santa Agnes, Ibiza.
  • March 2017 Azterlan Contemporary Hall, Durango, Vizcaya
  • July 2015 Art/Mónaco, Montecarlo
  • May 2015 Sala Es Cucons, Santa Agnes, Ibiza
  • April 2015 Galería Marta Torres, Ibiza
  • April 2014 Sala Es Cucons, Sta. Agnes Ibiza
  • May 2013 Fahnemann Art Gallery Berlin
  • Diciembre 2012 Modern Art Foundation Euskaltel Zamudio (Vizcaya)
  • April 2012 National Museum of Photography Zarauz
  • March 2012 Micus Space Ibiza
  • February 2012 Biondetta Art Gallery, Madrid
  • December 2011 Royal Lawyers College, Bilbao
  • November 2011 Museum of Art and History of Durango, Plencia Council Art Center
  • August 2011 SÁlamera Ibiza
  • April 2011 Sala Es Cucons, Sta. Agnes Ibiza
  • June 2011 Casa de cultura de Cruces Baracaldo
  • April 2011 Olaso Palace (Basque Country-Trapagarán)
  • February 2011 Rotatory for two years exhibition Orpheus and Eurydice on paper BBK
  • November 2010 Lisboa Arte Del Sol St. Gallery
  • July 2010 ArteSantander Del Sol St.Gallery
  • June 2010 Can Jeroni Sant Josep Ibiza
  • Mayo 2010 Del Sol St. Gallery, Santander
  • April 2010 Foro Sur Arte Contemporáneo Del Sol St. Gallery
  • March 2010 Haiti Project Museu Diocesa, Barcelona
  • June 2008 Summer Prize Royal Academy of Arts, London
  • December 2005 Biennal of Modern Art Istanbul, Turkey. Selected work Eric Satie.
  • December 2005 GaleryArtist, Istanbul
  • April 2005 Berlin GaleryArtist-Fassanenstrasse, Germany
  • December 2004 Biennal of Modern Art, Istanbul
  • December 2004 GaleryArtist, Istanbul
  • January 2004 GaleryArtist, Istanbul

Sergio Saez

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Sergio Saez

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