My work on collections

Public Collections

  • Museum of Art and History (Durango) Spain
  • National Museum of Photography (Zarauz) Spain
  • Museum Diocesano Barcelona Spain
  • Royal Academy of Arts (London). United Kingdom
  • Biennal Istanbul Turkey
  • Kutxa Collection (Bilbao) Spain
  • BBVA Collection (Bilbao) Spain

Private Collections

  • Professor Peter Iden (Director Museum Der Moderne Kunst Frankfurt) Germany
  • Beckmann Collection (Hamburg) Germany
  • Greiling Collection (Berlín) Germany
  • Stoneman Collection (London) United Kingdom
  • Casey Collection (London) United Kingdom
  • Thomson Collection (London) United Kingdom
  • Beracha Collection (Miami) U.S.A.
  • O’Brien Collection (San Francisco) U.S.A.
  • Vacanni Collection (Menaggio-Como) Italy
  • Brini Collection (Prato) Italy
  • Catarzi Collection (Signa) Italy
  • Rey Collection (Marseille) France
  • Camara-Merzoug Collection (Paris) France
  • Lovejoy collection (Paris)
  • Montcericier Collection (Brujas) Belgium
  • GalleryArtist Istanbul Turkey
  • Kocabeyoglu Collection (Istanbul) Turkey
  • Barbaros Collection (Istanbul) Turkey
  • Matras Collection (Istanbul) Turkey
  • Zamanillo Collection (Santander) Spain
  • López Collection (Madrid) Spain
  • Díez-Herbosa Collection (Madrid) Spain
  • Biondetta Collection (Madrid) Spain
  • Beitia Collection (Bilbao) Spain
  • Baqué Collection (Bilbao) Spain
  • Zugaza Collection (Durango) Spain
  • de la Fuente Collection (Ibiza) Spain
  • Cousillas Collection (A Coruña) Spain
  • García Falqué Collection (A Coruña) Spain
  • Rodriguez Collection (Cambre – A Coruña) Spain
  • Zaragoza-Díez Collection (Valencia) Spain

Sergio Saez

Every single artworks has been created by

Sergio Saez

Any of the artworks at this website could be used, printed or reposted without the express consent of the author.