Fear death opera
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Fear death opera

Thursday November 2nd, 2017

The first work represents an eye infarct. The second work is the emptiness experimented. The third is a disordered position of marks, colors and lights during the process of vision recover. The forth is the awakening of the vision. The fifth is the sequence of colores and structures, the recover of the vision. The last worker bright colors, defined marks and the vision recovered.

The first work on the left represents an outside vision of the theater, where the opera will take place. The second is the theater interior. The third represents the solitude through a light bulb, in the dressing room. The forth tells about the fear in a space with several doors, where death can appear. The fifth speaks about death, in the “Virgin Spring” from Ingmar Bergman. The sixth work is a kind of hope, because the light of the fire. The seventh tells the work has finished and bad moments are almost passed. The last and eighth is the vision of the way out exterior under the rein with open umbrellas.

Up in the sequence appear two figures, one the death, the other on the right represents the illusion.
At the second row on the left is a defined form, but imprecise if real or fake. At the right is placed “Room Moves”, is a real space as my studio with a figure suggestion moving, a kind of halo.
At the third row both works are the same, real lights, defined, pretending to be something real.
The forth and last row at the left appears the fear in the narrow corridor, it is the death. At the right the vision is even more sinister, darker, black.

Fear, Death, Opera 2007

Oil and acrylic on linen.

Sergio Saez

Every single artworks has been created by

Sergio Saez

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