Fireworks Haendel
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Fireworks Haendel

Thursday November 2nd, 2017

Watching the complete work of Friedrich Hándel about “Music for Fireworks” I realized how important and colossal the day of the opening it would have been.
The 27th April of 1749 was the opening of that composition at Green Park London. This composition was ordered bye the King George II to Händel to celebrate the end of the war for the Austrian Succession. The concert was watched by 12.000 people and the traffic jam, because of the high number of carriages provoked a colossal nightmare at the city.
This paintings just evoque that moments.

Fireworks Haendel 2009

Oil and acrylic on linen.

Sergio Saez

Every single artworks has been created by

Sergio Saez

Any of the artworks at this website could be used, printed or reposted without the express consent of the author.